• The technology of the Jet in Bikes

    The bikes we are talking about are powered by Jet and stand the capacity to speed up to 400 mph This is indeed a record much observed and measured and of course real

  • Now CNG on two wheels

    The Govt has finally launched the first batch of the much waited and inventive CNG powered 2-wheeler The kit shall comprise of 2 cylinders

  • Riding on a two wheeler Biker Is a thing of the past

    This is all about the electric RYNO scooter and this runs on typically just one wheel and it would never make you fall not even for once Estimated at a price of $ 5300 this single wheeled marvel gets its power from batteries and can speed up to 10mph

  • A motor cycle that derives its power over steam, can you beat that

    Too great to sound true right But in fact it is This is a stunning machine that every rider would love to boost around the town riding it with galore Ts not just steam run

  • Scooter in a suitcase now that some of a Technology

    Electronic compact fast minimal and totally awesome We are really falling short of words while we are here sitting to describe this innovation This is certainly an out of the box approach towards riding a scooter in the jam packed roads that most of the countries have now

  • Water would run bikes and car Is this a dream or a reality

    This is soon to become a reality though On the streets of Madhya Pradesh the incredible groups of students are out with a revolution that is simply innovative yet hard to digest

  • Amir Khan new found love Purchase the all new Bajaj V15

    Yes we are certainly talking about the bike that has been custom built out of the scrap from INS Vikrant You would have guessed who is its proud owner by now

  • The Spy Story of the Bajaj Pulsar CS400

    Alright we know this is going to really exciting we have just got the images of the upcoming new variants machinesby Baja offerings we are speaking about the Cruiser Sport 400 that has been keeping the enthusiasts handsome involved in waiting and anticipating this newest model in the market

  • The born to ride girl faces death on her Bike

    Biking has been a passion hobby interest and love for most men in India But here we are talking about the great Indian Biker girl who loved bikes just like the men do or may be more

  • A larger Bajaj Avenger on the cards

    The innovative brand Bajaj is currently working upon offering a new and bigger Avenger model over to the domestic market of the country