Water would run bikes and car Is this a dream or a reality

This is soon to become a reality though On the streets of Madhya Pradesh the incredible groups of students are out with a revolution that is simply innovative yet hard to digest

This is certainly a brand new revolution, floating around on the World Wide Web. Hard to believe or even sync in!
This is soon to become a reality, though! On eth streets of Madhya Pradesh, the incredible groups of students are out with a revolution that is simply innovative, yet hard to digest. Along with the regular petrol that has been making headline and irritating consumers all this while with its increasing prices, this invention would also run on water!
A group of engineering students are out with a revolution that would run the cars and bikes with water. This would not only be a cost effective model but would also be a reliable and remarkable solution to cut down the pollution level to a great extent. The water bike has been designed with HHO generator that is designed with a kit and a fuel tank that are interconnected.
Water Bike
Over the chemical process the engine then uses water as a catalyst to make it run the bike. This kit would not only save the costly fuel, but also enhance the shelf life of the bike along with its average. This entire work has been done by Prince and his team of engineering students who all have work for more than 6 months to create such pioneering and attractive invention.
This particular engine would also be able to run the car, using the same mechanism. Now finally we might get a relief from the ever increasing trap of petrol and diesel. Whereas at the same time, the pollution levels would also drastically come down.
If this is all real! We’re game for it, Are you!