• Formula1 Calendar for 2016 out now

    The FIA has sanctioned a record 21 race almanac for the 2016 Formula 1 season, with the championships first grand prix in Baku receiving a July date as reported by Autosport. There isnt any particular venue been provided for this grand 2016 German event. The introductory race in Baku in Azerbaijan that would be carried out under the European Grand Prix label would be an individual event on 17th July.

  • The StarCards annual Formula1 charity Auction

    Once again the recently launched, StarCards Charity auction has been gifted with ample support from the Formula 1 Grand Prix, including the Formula 1 teams and drivers while extending their help for the Londons Great Ormond Street Children?s Hospital.The famed Formula 1 photographer Mark Sutton has also extended his support by raising the funds for this initiative by attaining the autographs of the 2015 drivers on the hospitals playing cards.

  • Palmer has a target

    Lotus reserve motorist Jolyon Palmer has set his visions on a race seat along with the team for the following year, supplementing that he is has been busy proving his value in rehearsal runs this term. After gaining victory at the 2014 GP2 Series, this 24 year old produced himself the trial and standby person at Lotus this campaign.

  • Could Formula1 perceive two teams from US in 2016

    Along with Haas based in the US who are all geared up to make their debut in the Formula 1 2016 season, there could be a possibility for another tea for America to join in the league.There is news been floating around the race supporters Tavo Hellmund with the popular Financier James Carney who have been spotted shopping for outfits for the Formula 1.

  • Car No 17 retires from Formula1

    The 25-year old champ hurled from France, expired during the previous week after he persisted injuries in his brain from the terrible crash at the Japanese Grand Prix on the 5th of October last year. Jules Bianchi was the only driver to die due to suffered from injuries from a particular Formula 1 race since a thrice participated world champion Ayrton Senna died at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.

  • A new strategy for the race start Formula1

    Formula 1 is to limit the quantity of assistance drivers obtain from electronic services and team preparation by the Belgian Grand Prix in two races period. Leading body the FIA reported the variations would have a specific stress on race twitches to make sure that the drivers were able to get back to take the complete control of their car.

  • Lewis Hamilton adds another victory in his portfolio

    Lewis Hamilton fought through a dull start and latter had to deal with rain in the race but still managed to mark yet another victory in an action packed British Grand Prix.Lewis Hamilton had to pass both Williams post to losing the control on leads, and then followed by a restart and an early safety car. However the Mercedes driver wrestled back in order to clutch the lead again first at the initial pit stops.

  • Formula1 legend Adrian Newey on a designing spree of a Road car

    Adrian Newey, the chief technical officer for Red Bull is now occupied on developing a car, in association with Aston Martin that could also have an association with Formula 1.In accordance to resources, Newey has been working on the project along with Aston Martin since the beginning of this current year 2015.

  • McLarens Formula1 problems are getting harder to watch

    Previous McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton quotes that it is really difficult for him to watch the British team fight to be reasonable in Formula 1 at the present. McLaren sustained Hamiltons profession starting from his karting days to Formula 1, and he raced for with them from the year 2007-2012, captivating his first world contest with McLaren back in the year 2008.

  • Is Formula1 really losing its Charm

    Formula1 is not modest enough now is a say by a major chunk of its fans and followers. Approximately 90 percent of Formula 1 admirers want the sport to be more reasonable, rendering to a survey steered by the Grand Prix Drivers Association. More than 215,000 fans across from 194 countries took share in the survey that went live over two weeks succeeding the Monaco Grand Prix.