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car news Maruti Suzuki

Maruti and Hyundai are the leaders in the month of August

Published On :2015-09-03 18:09:20.0

There has been quite a show in the domestic market of India, where in the best players for the month of August have been selected...
car news Honda

Honda Jazz wins over the Honda City

Published On :2015-08-04 13:45:26.0

Honda Jazz overtakes the Honda City, and acquires the top position, being the best sold car of the brand in the month of July 2015. However this position was captured by the Honda City, the well-known and the most sold car from the brand. Registering domestic sales at 18,606 units in the month of July, 2015,Honda Cars India has announced hike of nearly 18 per cent. ...
bike news Honda

Honda India rise by 2 percent last month

Published On :2015-08-03 17:21:47.0

The Honda Motorcycles and Scooter India reports that the complete sales in numbers for the last month of July 2015. The company has managed to sell across 3, 89, 626 units in the month of July 2015. The Folks at Honda has all the reasons to rejoice now, as the company has recorded a good start, as its just the middle of the year that we are right now....
car news Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Dzire achieves a benchmark

Published On :2015-07-30 15:10:49.0

Folks at Maruti as more than happy at this moment, celebrating the success of their best selling model Maruti Dzire, that has attained the benchmark on selling 10 lakh units. Out of the models sold, the number includes the gen-next Dzire as well as the Dzire Tour. Maruti has declared that its Dzire, which is their best selling compact sedan has accomplished growing sales of 10 lakh models, ever since its launch back in the year 2008. ...
bike news Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield Himalayan just around the corner

Published On :2015-07-30 11:48:54.0

There are reports of the all new Royal Enfield Himalayan motorbike has been floating on the web. The Production ready unit has been caught and spied while on a test yet again. Lets get closer to the details we are able to extract till now. Whereas our two-wheeler market has been dominated by the latest and the cutting edge bikes being introduced in the market in great numbers. Today the consumers keep looking for freshness and technologies....
car news Volkswagen

VW now acquires the top position

Published On :2015-07-30 11:35:13.0

Volkswagen has now grabbed the position of being the largest car maker in the world. The brand has managed to steal this position from Toyota. The VW Company has traded nearly 5.04 million vehicles globally in the initial half of the year 2015. Back in the year 2010, VW had allotted a goal to achieve a certain numbers all across its team members. They had intended to acquire the title of being the largest car manufacturer by the year 2018....
car news Hyundai

Hyundai aims are high

Published On :2015-07-28 13:09:29.0

Hyundai India aims at targeting 5 lakh units for sales within the year 2015. Along with the frequent launches, the company has reached at a high point in the market, enhanced its face value and also expanded its network. Along with a storm created by the company, by launching out great products in the market during the previous year as well as launching the Hyundai Creta SUV too. ...
bike news Honda

Honda Unicorn 160 is happy and enjoying

Published On :2015-07-28 12:39:19.0

Honda Unicorn is rejoicing to having met a benchmark of selling 1 lakh units in the last 8 months. The bike was launched during the last year. In accordance to the Indian Automobile Manufacturers, Honda CB Unicorn has managed to cross the 1 lakh sales mark, post to its launch in the month of December 2014. Looking at the number, it looks like the company has managed to sell around 13,500-15,600 units every month....
car news Ford

You may book your Ford Figo Aspire from 27th July

Published On :2015-07-25 11:55:03.0

While car has been attracting a lot of lime light, ever since it has been floated, and now finally the Ford lovers get a chance to book their Ford Figo Aspire staring this 27th of July 2015. The latest compact Sedan by the brand can be booked for you, by paying a booking amount of INR 30,000 only. The car that would make its mark to the market, giving a tiff to the Maruti Swift Dzire, would be rolled out with a standard driver as well as passenger airbags....
bike news KTM

KTM records 25 per growth in sales

Published On :2015-07-21 12:45:28.0

KTM has recorded a 25 per cent annual volume expansion in sales over the previous three years. This expansion also demonstrates that the Bajaj-KTM association has proved to be lucrative for both companies.During the end of the year 2014, KTM detained a market portion of 8.7 per cent in Europe and about 4.8 per cent in United States. ...
bike news Dsk benelli

Benelli records 100 customers in Pune

Published On :2015-07-21 11:37:12.0

Benelli team in Bengaluru is all content and celebrating on the occasion of delivering the 100th unit been handed over to its owner. In order to mark and celebrate the occasion, they arranged a short ride from outlet in Bengaluru in Richmond Circle over to Kolar. And yet another similar celebration was rejoiced in Pune as well, that also witnessed the 100th motorbike been handed over to its buyer, during the last week....
car news Toyota

Toyota Used car business expands to 56 markets in 19 states

Published On :2015-07-18 17:59:55.0

Toyota India is a leading car manufacturer hurled to our country from Japan, had ventured in to the used car business in the country. The business however is expanding in our country, in the name of Toyota U-Trust, over to 56 markets in nearly 19 states o the country. Considering the expanse in the market, for the used car business Toyota has a goal to look after a broader category of customer base in order to provide the best in class used car buyers and sellers....