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Royal Enfield Classic 350 Redditch Series Coming on New January

Published On :2017-01-04 12:14:05.0

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Redditch series are available in three variants in the market Redditch Red Redditch Green and Redditch Blue...
bike news royal enfield

Gen next Royal Enfield Classic and Thunderbird in the making

Published On :2016-04-04 14:04:23.0

Royal Enfield is busy in making a better and bigger capacity tweaks for the Classic and Thunderbird bikes The new bikes are being crafted keeping the global markets in mind ...
bike news royal enfield

Special edition by Royal Enfield Himalayan to be Launch on March 16

Published On :2016-03-02 14:35:10.0

The country will soon be getting the most talked about and ambient adventure tourer from Royal Enfield the RE Himalayan The bike is expected to launch on the 16th March 2016...
bike news royal enfield

The first Ever RE showroom in Thailand

Published On :2016-02-25 13:40:49.0

To begin with just four of the Royal Enfield offerings are launched in Thailand It is still in doubt when and what all next models would be offered in the country in the near future...
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Royal Enfield is at a Loss?

Published On :2015-12-14 11:13:05.0

Royal Enfield the eminent brand of bike sin India being a division of the Eicher Motors India underwent a production forfeiture of 4000 bikes during the month of November 2015 and around 7200 in the current month so far...
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Royal Enfield Himalayan Spotted yet another time

Published On :2015-12-08 18:40:55.0

A totally uncovered test machine of the Royal Enfield Himalayan has been spotted while on a test yet another time in the country. Spotted in its military mask avatar along with the strong and sturdy looking luggage panniers the Himalayan wore the appeal of being real close to the production phase...
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Royal Enfield enters Thailand

Published On :2015-12-03 20:43:12.0

The eminent bike maker Royal Enfield after making bike fanatics crazy in the domestic market of our country over the last few decades the makers have expended their clutch over to the Thai market arriving there on the 1st December 2015...
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Eicher has good news for all you bike lovers

Published On :2015-11-07 11:34:00.0

Eicher is planning enhance the production capacity of its two-wheeler range Royal Enfield the most loves cherished and popular bike on the Indian roads especially amongst the northern part of the country over to 9 lakh units per year by the coming 2018 so as to deal with the huge demand for these machines...
bike news Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield craze is going world-wide now

Published On :2015-10-16 15:21:17.0

The craze and excitement a rider gets while seated on a Royal Enfield either riding it or piling on it is a feeling truly unmatched excellent and completely out of this world...
bike news Royal Enfield

The upcoming Bikes in India

Published On :2015-09-17 17:45:52.0

While biking in India has an altogether new picture in the current era, gone are the days when bikes were just a commuting vehicle for a daily fix. Today the position of bikes, superbikes, speed and thrill adventure, all comes in a priceless package...
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Royal Enfield Himalayan spied at production

Published On :2015-09-11 13:23:17.0

While the much awaited and anticipated launch by the team at Royal Enfield is finally seen at the production set-up...
bike news Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield Himalayan Price revealed- INR 1.65-1.85 Lakhs

Published On :2015-08-18 13:38:49.0

While there are reports of details floating on the web, about the forthcoming sensation on the rods, from the Royal Enfield team, the Himalayan, to be launched in the Indian market in November this year, while being estimated competitively, carrying a price tag of INR 1.65-1.85 Lakhs....