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car news Jaguar

Jaguar XJ histories 300 per cent sales evolution

Published On :2015-06-04 10:31:50.0

Jaguar India pronounced that sales of the Jaguar XJ luxury tavern have ascended three spells ever since they started on track in the vicinity carry organized market for the car in India. Differentiate additional information about the sales number of Jaguar, log on to
car news Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki never looks back

Published On :2015-06-03 11:07:40.0

Revitalization in the entrance level hatchback section and robust sales of the Ciaz and Ertiga aids Maruti to cross the 1 lakh sales spot in the month of May. There is no ending the Maruti Suzuki wiggle. India leading car manufacturer endures to develop sturdy and fit while other companies commence to just be stable, positioning a sales increase of 13 percent in the native market in May....
car news Hyundai

Sales for Hyundai stride up in May

Published On :2015-06-01 14:24:09.0

Hyundai Motor India today informed a 1.5 per cent upsurge in total trades at 52,515 units in the month of May. The company had vended 51,718 units in the similar month last year, HMIL said in a declaration. In the native marketplace, Hyundai retailed 37,450 units last month associated with 36,205 units in the month of May 2014, up 3.4 per cent....
car news Renault

Renault Duster would now accommodate 7

Published On :2015-06-01 12:48:36.0

The Renault Duster, one of the most prevalent variant with world-wide sales of more than 1 million units, would witness a descendant formerly in the year 2017, informs Quatrorodas. Both alternatives of the new Renault Duster would be grounded on a new stand, which the periodical names modular, suggesting that it could be the CMF construction....
car news NA

Automobile sector on a Boom

Published On :2015-05-27 13:17:49.0

The Indian automobile segment, which is mending from a strike, witnessed 89 per cent evolution in foreign direct investment (FDI) to 2.42 billion throughout the 11 month period of the last financial year.It has conventional 1.28 billion FDI in the April-February period of 2013-14, according to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) statistics....
car news Mahindra

Mahindra & Mahindra are back with a Bang

Published On :2015-05-27 12:20:08.0

After being unnoticed for almost two years in a row, seems like the company is all set to make a come-back and that too, in order to lead the market presently. Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) is hopeful for a reversal in traveller automobile trades after weakening in two consecutive years owing to improved struggle and strike in the native trade. ...
car news Renault

Renault Kwid is sincerely Made In India

Published On :2015-05-27 11:05:31.0

Renaultís new Kwid on the cake would initiate existence in India through 97 percent of its fragments obtained locally. Other than from Maruti Suzuki, no other global auto manufacturer has achieved such a great close of local collection. ...
car news Honda

Honda initiates the sale of Jazz

Published On :2015-05-26 10:41:25.0

Even before its official launch in the country, the all new units of the upcoming Jazz have already been underway to be dispatched from the Honda plant in Rajasthan, over to the market of South Africa. In advance of the forthcoming launch of the new style of superior Hatchback Jazz in India, Honda, the Japanese car manufacturer has ongoing transport the car to South Africa from its plant in Rajasthan....
bike news Triumph

Triumph to sell out 1600 units in 18 months

Published On :2015-05-23 10:32:29.0

Triumph has disclose that it has previously sold over 1,600 motorbikes in India meanwhile it created its course in the nation just 18 months ago. To memorialize this innovative instance, the British producer has rolled out an infinite period proposal for its entry level ideal the Bonneville....
car news Chevrolet

Was it a fail on Chevrolets Part?

Published On :2015-05-16 11:43:41.0

As the news of a 42 year old man who accidentally got burnt alive in the Chevrolet Sail car on the Surajkund- Pali road in Faridabad. It has been reportedly told that his car diesel make was just about two months old, so there is no point that indicates that the car might not be well maintained as it was almost brad new....
car news Mahindra

Mahindra Scorpio sales in 2015

Published On :2015-05-12 13:27:54.0

The financial year 2015, Mahindra yet again this time saw, the highest number of sales for its Scorpio the giant SUV. The name plate was initially introduced in 2002 the sale of this car has been over 50k units each year fourth time in a row, being at the highest this time with 51,553 units. ...
car news Volkswagen

Volkswagen India records a Sales in April 2015

Published On :2015-05-09 12:55:50.0

Volkswagen India, reported a 1.77 percent growth in Sales earlier this week by managing to sell across 3,572 units in the month of April this year. The company has sold around 3,033 units in the same month last year....