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car news Hyundai

Hyundai i20 petrol models exceed sales of diesel units

Published On :2015-06-30 10:49:06.0

The petrol models of the Hyundai Elite i20 have been retailing in complex numbers than their diesel complements. Out of the complete sales of the hatchback that accounts to 1,00,506 units by end of the month of May 2015, 51,326 units are of petrol and the left behind 49,180 cars are the oil flames....
car news Mercedes Benz

A new product by Mercedes Benz MY16 E class

Published On :2015-06-26 12:29:07.0

Its a known fact that the E-Class is the uppermost vending luxury sedan in India and also the utmost selling invention in Mercedes-Benz India collection in India, with above 30,000 units on the roads in our country, now thats really huge.The innovative E-Class at present sports supplementary equipment to take on the adores of the Audi A6 and the BMW 5-Series....
car news Maruti Suzuki

Customers did not want Diesel cars anymore

Published On :2015-06-23 16:11:25.0

Diesel variant cars sales hit the lowest when compared to the last 5 years mark, as the consumers are repeatedly weakening.The consumer preference and the NGT order also has a lot to do, in association with this outcome for sure.Diesel cars have misplaced their shine, with sales stirring a five year low on abating customer penchant along with the imminent outcome of the NGT order restraining their lifetime to a meagre 10 years. ...
car news Ferrari

Indians can now book a Ferrari starting July 2015

Published On :2015-06-23 13:24:15.0

Post to a catastrophic initial rounds, the Romping Horse is back in India in complete sprint and now has its all inclusive range on bid here excluding for its hypercar, the LaFerrari. Ferraris last stretch in the country was flawed by dispute. The Shreyans Group, the brands former Indian merchant, had netted a repute for fooling consumers and Ferrari as a consequence was required to call off its actions in India....
car news Toyota

Toyota Camry Hybrid has good numbers in sales

Published On :2015-06-22 10:24:38.0

Homegrown construction along with the governments FAME inventiveness aided with assessing the Camry this squat. It looks as if India may be lastly initiating up to the awareness of hybrid cars. The revamp variant of the Toyota Camry Hybrid, rolled out in the month of May, has been established quite well by the Indian consumers. ...
car news Chevrolet

The 100 Hour Mega Sale at Chevrolet

Published On :2015-06-19 11:06:55.0

General Motors India just yesterday declared the Chevrolet 100 Hour Sale valid from 18th of June till the 21st of June, 2015. The company is proposing savings up to INR. 100,000 alongside various other gifts and offers. Chevrolet has been struggling hard in the market for along now, some time ago it generated a catchy maintenance free offers of cars for the first 2-3 years, and now this campaign , should do work in the favor of the brand....
car news Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz has faith in the market

Published On :2015-06-17 11:39:55.0

Mercedes Benz forestalls upholding the motion with 40 percent growth rate in the market.Mercedes-Benz that became the country foremost extravagance manufacturer in the initial quarter optimizes to uphold its situation in the marketplace over the remaining of the year as it faiths to endure 40 per cent sales advance....
bike news Bajaj

Bajaj Platina CT100 to help Bajaj Grow

Published On :2015-06-17 10:45:18.0

Bajaj Platina, CT100 upsurges Bajaj entire market portion by 16 percent, 150,000 CT100 already Traded in the last 100 Days. After being deeply condemned over last six months by criticizers for stumpy sales and no produces being tossed, Bajaj just affianced full spray in the previous quarter....
bike news Honda

Honda RC213V-S debut

Published On :2015-06-15 16:45:32.0

Honda freshly tossed the road-legal variety of its MotoGP-winning Honda RC213V motorbike that is predictable to go on shelves for sales from the 13th of July, 2015. We most recent overheard of this bike, named the RC213V-S, in 2014 when Honda initially exposed its enterprise to the world....
car news Maruti Suzuki

Top car concessions for June 2015

Published On :2015-06-12 11:24:48.0

Though the car market attracts diverse replies, traders are contributing some amazing reductions to entice purchasers. If you are preparing to buy a car in this month, this is one list you should not be omitting. Read on for the finest arrangements on bid this month....
car news Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz columns 12.8 percent progress cheers to compact cars and SUVs

Published On :2015-06-10 14:58:59.0

Mercedes-Benz transported above 151,135 vehicles to consumers in the month of May worldwide stationing a development of 12.8 percent in the similar month of the last year. The Stuttgart grounded brand also documented a double-digit transactions upsurge subsequently from the start of the year 2015 with an escalation of 13.6 percent to 728,809 automobiles. ...
car news Tata Motors

Myles Self-drive Facility on an Expanse

Published On :2015-06-09 11:35:08.0

Myles, the self-drive facility accessible by Carzonrent, currently present at 10 airports through the country. The cities are namely Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Vizag, Bhubaneswar, Amritsar, Chandigarh....