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The best part of February for the auto-Fanatics

Published On :2016-02-16 14:06:56.0

Here is a listing of the best deals to benefit the buyers across popular cars across the country...
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Volkswagen calls out Approx 3 Lakh vehicles back in India

Published On :2015-12-02 13:31:14.0

It has not been long enough the Volkswagen scandal and its ill effects on the numerous vehicles running on the roads this time our country is in a similar trap while the brand calls all for a recall of nearly 323700 diesel cars in the country...
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VW Vento India acquired a 5 star rating

Published On :2015-11-18 20:59:53.0

Good news for the folks at the brand along with the potential customers who own VW vehicles in the country. The VW Vento 2015 has managed to grab a 5 start rating for Safety by Latin NCAP. The car managed to pass through the entire set of testing and crash management hurdles while shining out bright with a wonderful rating...
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You get to book your VW Beetle now

Published On :2015-11-18 18:37:00.0

Yes you read it right the much loved luxurious and dynamic looking Volkswagen arrives in the country The domestic market of the car has been reserved and limited however the hare is nothing less if talk on numbers. People in our country have always found the VW Beetle pretty amazing and stylish in terms of its looks...
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Is VW trying to bribe

Published On :2015-11-12 17:47:29.0

It has been reported that the brand Volkswagen is offering a 1000 gift card to the entire customer who have been affected by the emission scandal in the US While all the customers who own vehicles that have come under the scan of the emission goof-up have a great new option to claim a 500 prepaid Visa card...
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Cheating Software to be blamed for the 3.0L TDI engine faulty claims

Published On :2015-11-05 14:31:45.0

There is just another trouble added over the dilemma Volkswagen brand already is in right after the United States Environmental Protection Agency alleges that the emissions unethical software has also been discovered in the German car manufacturers 3.0-L TDI V6 diesel mill...
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Volkswagen is in a bid to recall 100000 cars in India

Published On :2015-10-30 16:12:14.0

While the news is already out, but not confirmed at the moment as the company is still considering whether to call out the cars back or not. Looks evident that the company is in a dilemma following its position in the market right now that is already in a question...
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India is acting behind finding the irregularities with Volkswagen

Published On :2015-09-25 18:58:59.0

The folks at the world’s renowned brand Volkswagen have finally admitted that they had been playing around with the diesel engines in order to manipulate the emission analysis and their results, by the help of software technologies...
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VW to bring the Tiguan SUV to the Indian market

Published On :2015-09-17 11:48:17.0

The latest offering by the brand VW was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Tiguan SUV, seem would be adorning the roads in India, during the mid of the following year 2016...
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Volkswagen taigun price in India

Published On :2015-08-24 15:05:42.0

Last, this particular model by the Volkswagen stable was unveiled at the Auto Show 2014 as a concept. The car is almost ready to be rolled out on the roads of Indian within this month of August 2015. ...
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Volkswagen India is offering Gold on Polo and Vento

Published On :2015-08-14 15:54:53.0

Volkswagen India has announced Golden offers for the New Vento and Polo enabling their customers to take advantage of a number of exciting offers as well as benefits. The company has also declared to give away an assured gold coin on each of the bookings....
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The all new VW Beetle caught on a test

Published On :2015-08-04 16:24:57.0

The all new Beetle that is amongst the 5 car launch set up the brand has been caught, spied and captured, while the mule was out for a test stroll on the Indian roads. Last presented in the year 2011, the current Beetle preserves its iconic charm, while at the same time looks like being modernized in order to look more vibrant and mannish now....