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The Ford EcoSport now cheaper in The Indian market now

Published On :2016-03-12 12:08:40.0

As they say competition works great anyways Owing to the high and increasing competition in the Indian market the makers at ford have decided to slash their prices...
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Ford Indian is all geared up, seen a hike of 55 percent last month

Published On :2015-12-03 11:10:01.0

Ford India has managed to sell across 8773 units in the native market during the previous month of November while carrying and highlighting a hike of 55 per cent matched to 5661 units that were traded during the month of November during the previous year of 2014...
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Ford recalls the much in demand 16,444 units of EcoSport

Published On :2015-11-14 10:53:18.0

Being the best selling compact SUV in the market the Ford EcoSport carries a defect can be a really big statement to be quoted out there in the domestic market of our country...
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India has the best tyres

Published On :2015-11-12 18:40:24.0

While this is much of an exciting time as it feels great to be honored while bagging the award NASA for the best Tyre technology celebrated by the Indian teams there While you are on a motor sport action packed and thrilling competition tyre bursts punctures blowouts etc...
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Ford India scores 76 per cent in October 2015

Published On :2015-11-09 17:18:03.0

This is a great celebration time as the folks at brand Ford are rejoicing the cherished moments at Ford Pvt. Ltd. While the brand has managed to achieve the goal of selling out more than 20420 units in the month of October while being the number for accumulated sales matched to 11630 units in the similar month during the previous year ...
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Ford has a new Small but powerful engines Mantra

Published On :2015-11-03 20:19:28.0

The brand Ford has been on for quite some while in offering a couple of small less space consuming engines however as over the company claim they are equally powerful competent and hold a massive presence while they offer their power to the drive...
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Getting a Ford car is easy to Finance

Published On :2015-10-31 16:48:15.0

Ford Credit had commenced new schemes in offering financing new-vehicle list for dealers all across the country in the month of March and further on added used-vehicle list of financing to follow up a couple of months later...
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The all new Ford Figo hatchback- quite a killer

Published On :2015-10-03 18:24:41.0

While today I have fallen in love with this all new fresh and revamped Ford Figo Hatchback that has arrived in the market, looking fresher, bigger and much smarter...
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Published On :2015-09-30 12:43:15.0

These days, the gap between the crudes like diesel or petrol has become very narrow. So when the question crops up, want do you prefer buying a diesel or a Petrol car...
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Ford Figo vs Maruti Suzuki

Published On :2015-09-24 15:38:42.0

Alright, the brand Ford rolled out the much awaited Figo hatchback, carrying a price tag of INR 4.29 Lakhs, being the ex-showroom price in the capital for the base model...
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Any Guesses about the Ford Figo 2015

Published On :2015-09-21 12:37:10.0

This week the folks at brand Ford are all set to float out their latest offering, the all new Ford Figo hatchback this Wednesday, while its older sibling, being the latest in the market of the compact Sedan...
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The upcoming Ford Figo Hatchback to be launched on 23rd October 2015

Published On :2015-09-21 10:11:49.0

While the launch of the upcoming Ford Figo Hatchback is just around the corner, let us get closer to the details and see what all the carries with itself...