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The month of March 2016 for cars in India

Published On :2016-04-14 16:21:19.0

The month of March had been pretty modest owing to the hike in the prices from this year onwards The new budget had the potential to change the scenarios in anyways However the budget has nothing to do in order to deter the spirit of car buyers in the market ...
car news Maruti Suzuki

New Maruti Baleno to be rolled out from the Gujarat plant

Published On :2016-04-05 12:50:17.0

Maruti Suzuki Baleno has been able to make a niche in the market already and the car has been able to pull out quite a few buyers in the Indian market during the last six months it has been out in the market...
car news Maruti Suzuki

Now you will be able to help victims approved by the Supreme Court

Published On :2016-04-02 13:53:05.0

Helpful and honest Samaritans who are always eager to help the victims of road accidents would not be unreasonably agitated by the police or any other official authority as per the approval of the Supreme Court and its guidelines...
car news Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Vitara Brezza performing exceptionally well

Published On :2016-03-11 15:07:42.0

The new car has managed to gather 5000 bookings from the anxious customers in the marker who had been waiting for long for this new machine...
car news Maruti Suzuki

Let us compare the Maruti Brezza and Renault Duster Revamp

Published On :2016-03-07 13:25:53.0

Both the brands are renowned and well established in the domestic market of India However the consumers are at large confused between both of these superb offerings in the market now...
car news Maruti Suzuki

India bound Maruti Baleno reached Japan

Published On :2016-02-23 12:09:02.0

This is yet another stepping stone in the eminence of the Make in India initiative More and more manufacturers are stepping towards making India their one stop destination in making the country...
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Maruti S-Cross Premia Special Edition Launched

Published On :2015-12-14 13:33:47.0

This is much like another attempt by the makers of the all new Maruti S-Cross trying to vow the customers out in the market and make them get closer to the car that has not really been very popular as expected usually from the brand with the rest of its products...
car news Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki Baleno seems so powerfully promising

Published On :2015-12-04 13:19:16.0

The all new offering from the brand Maruti looks so promising while being offered in to the domestic market in the month of October 2015 just been around less than two months old the car looks impressively performing in the market...
car news Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki intending to offer AMT in all its vehicles

Published On :2015-12-02 15:28:28.0

As their tag line says it all the brand Maruti is indeed the way of life ever since it was tossed in the Indian market it has always been a trustworthy and imperative name in the Indian vehicle market...
car news Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki YBA insides revealed

Published On :2015-11-26 16:00:47.0

While the car is much awaited to arrive in the domestic market of the country laden with just about everything starting from looks cools style performance and carrying the trusted name of the Maruti brand...
car news Maruti Suzuki

Exclusive Spy story of the Suzuki Vitara compact SUV

Published On :2015-11-20 17:28:56.0

Here is an exclusive spy story of the upcoming Suzuki Vitara compact Sedan that is all set to be hurled in the domestic market of the country While the spied pictures of the upcoming car are floating online giving quite a clear picture of what the car would look like exactly...
car news Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki Baleno- the new revolution

Published On :2015-11-12 15:06:02.0

While the much awaited innovation from the brand is all set to rule the domestic market in the country being loved secured and already acclaimed after a few weeks of its launch. This is extremely commendable to state that the Maruti Baleno has acquired 21000 bookings with more than 56000 enquires at the Nexa outlets in the country...