• The pioneering technology of an electric motorbike

    This is 2016 already and most auto companies are gearing up toward making their game all the more interesting and fighting the tough competition with bringing in innovation and more of excitement over to the streets

  • A closer look at the world largest Road Regal Motorbike

    Yes you read that right We are certainly talking about the Leongardt Gunbus 410 2014 This is the world largest road regal machine that has been creating ripples ever since it was floated out in the commercial market

  • Scooter in a suitcase now that some of a Technology

    Electronic compact fast minimal and totally awesome We are really falling short of words while we are here sitting to describe this innovation This is certainly an out of the box approach towards riding a scooter in the jam packed roads that most of the countries have now

  • Another powerful stroke soon to be launched by Honda Motors

    This is another master piece hand crafted by none other than the pioneers for dynamism in the auto world This is yet another striking new innovation

  • Do you wish to own a motorbike that can fight

    G2 P51 Combat Fighter Motorcycle is an innovation beyond the usual This is simply a war running on the streets and dare not anyone mess up with you on it

  • A closer look at MS Dhoni ride

    A stunning design and cutting edge technology is all that could describe the look of this super bike The bike is known to be symbolic to innovation and exquisiteness like no other MS Dhoni is passionate about this bike and love riding it no matter what

  • A dash of innovation Lazareth LM 847 Quad Wheel Motorcycle

    Well this is the era of innovation and we all simply love the auto world getting the entire major and updates and inventive measures to create machines that speak of high end and amazing technology

  • So are you ready to join the Beer bike over a drink

    This is one of the creative and innovative inventions done by a beer lover in Germany He says his life shall be incomplete and meaningless without beer and his passion for this drink has made him craft a unique bicycle that can carry up to 16 passengers over a ride

  • Water would run bikes and car Is this a dream or a reality

    This is soon to become a reality though On the streets of Madhya Pradesh the incredible groups of students are out with a revolution that is simply innovative yet hard to digest

  • Amir Khan new found love Purchase the all new Bajaj V15

    Yes we are certainly talking about the bike that has been custom built out of the scrap from INS Vikrant You would have guessed who is its proud owner by now