• Mahindra to roll out three compact SUVs this year

    Mahindra that has been out if the lime light for quite some time now, it?s all happy and content to present the market, with the trending compact SUVs segment, and that too 3 in its kitty.

  • Report-People search the Utility vehicles Online

    The online business is indeed on a boom in various fields. The search engines are loaded with products in millions and increasing everyday.

  • Mahindra inaugurate manufacturing in Zaheerabad

    Mahindra &Mahindra inaugurates its extended automotive manufacturing facility in Zaheerabad, Telangana. The unit has been inaugurated by the chief minister of Telangana, Sh. K Chandrashekhar Rao.

  • The top 5 Hybrid Cars in India

    India is yet skeptical to bring out electric/Hybrid cars on the local roads, considering the fact that they are indeed expensive to buy, but also their maintenance cost is high.

  • Mahindra XUV500 2015 facelift

    Here are the first exposed spy shots of the upcoming Mahindra XUV500 2015 (facelift) that is expected to go up for sales in the weeks ahead.

  • Mahindra has cut down on the prices of Mahindra e20

    Mahindra & Mahindra has cut down on the prices of its small product e20 by INR 92,000, right after the law passed by the central Government that is providing discounts and incentives on electric as well as hybrid vehicles.

  • Mahindra Adventure fifth season at India

    Mahindra truly goes by this saying, and has yet again announced the 5th adventure trip in a row. This excursion would include one in Southern India and two Great Escapes in Nagpur and Chennai.

  • Mahindra Scorpio sales in 2015

    The financial year 2015, Mahindra yet again this time saw, the highest number of sales for its Scorpio the giant SUV. The name plate was initially introduced in 2002 the sale of this car has been over 50k units each year fourth time in a row, being at the highest this time with 51,553 units.

  • CAUGHT a GLIMPSE of the all new Mahindra Scorpio automatic

    Scorpio are out with a 5-speed manual transmission. However the new version of the machine is expected to be come with a six speed panel, that could be gifted by the part maker AISIN. The Top end model of the S10 would get the AT option. It is expected by the brand to put up the price by INR 1 lakh above the manual version.

  • Mahindra Quanto gets a make-over spy shots revealed

    The Mahindra Quanto to be presented in the later art of this year, is reportedly coming in an AMT variant, carrying its new look and its different models.