• Ferrari La Ferrari introduced in Shanghai

    The latest Ferrari speed buster gets a perfect launching platform in Shanghai.

  • Let us get closer to the all new LaFerrari Aperta 2017

    The car had been spotted last in Maranello following the declaration of the latest version of its coupe version The roof was off and the car simply looked elegant fabulous and what not

  • PM Modi new found love! Is in coming to India Anyways

    The much talked straddling bus in China has even caught the attention of PM Modi Although our prime Minister has been known to have a choice prowess he does not really get impressed very soon

  • The launch story of the Ferrari 488 GTB

    This is great news for the speed fanatics in the country the superb offering from the Italian brand Ferrari has made another ravishing entrance in the domestic market of the country

  • Ferrari California T launched in India INR 3.45 Cr.

    Ferrari has presented its second innings in the domestic market of our country by rolling out its new California T that spreads its charm, carrying a price tag of INR 3.45 Cr. being the ex-showroom price in the capital.

  • Indians can now book a Ferrari starting July 2015

    Post to a catastrophic initial rounds, the Romping Horse is back in India in complete sprint and now has its all inclusive range on bid here excluding for its hypercar, the LaFerrari. Ferraris last stretch in the country was flawed by dispute. The Shreyans Group, the brands former Indian merchant, had netted a repute for fooling consumers and Ferrari as a consequence was required to call off its actions in India.

  • The Avengers 2012 ? Luxury Cars

    Hollywood actress and movie maker using luxury cars for exposing styles.