Ferrari La Ferrari introduced in Shanghai

The latest Ferrari speed buster gets a perfect launching platform in Shanghai.

Ferrari has been passionately loved by the car lovers across the globe. Indeed it is a synonym of luxury and wealth. The dynamic four-wheeler has made its special mark in the domain of Formula One racing. Apart from racing cars, Ferrari’s road cars have also been seen as a status symbol. Be it a young or an adult, everyone one wants to possess the super luxurious cars.
The big news is that Ferrari has introduced its latest super car in Shanghai (Asia premiere) to lure car lovers, codenamed as F150 the car is like Ford’s truck. Ferrari’s latest car is a hybrid performance four wheeler and is created on the platform of F1′s KERS technology. 
Ferrari LaFerrari features -The latest technology enhances the power to the 6.3L V12 engine to generate power to 789BHP. In true sense it will perform like a turbo charging solution. Top speed of the super car is expected to be in 350km/h range, surprisingly the car can touch 100km/h in less the 3 seconds. According to the experts the car is going to give incredibly fast speed. Also called as Ferrari La Ferrari the car will be launched in China and going to boast an expensive price tag.
Ferrari La Ferrari price -According to some Chinese media organisations the super luxury car will fall in range of 5 million RMB to 10 million RMB. A large crowd of automobile and media professionals was gathered to catch a glimpse of the synonym of style, power and luxury. Lens men were putting all their efforts to capture best poses of the dynamic car.