• Royal Enfield craze is going world-wide now

    The craze and excitement a rider gets while seated on a Royal Enfield either riding it or piling on it is a feeling truly unmatched excellent and completely out of this world

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan Price revealed- INR 1.65-1.85 Lakhs

    While there are reports of details floating on the web, about the forthcoming sensation on the rods, from the Royal Enfield team, the Himalayan, to be launched in the Indian market in November this year, while being estimated competitively, carrying a price tag of INR 1.65-1.85 Lakhs.

  • The Royal Enfield Himalayan-Rendered

    The Royal Enfield Himalayan would establish a new niche once it launches during the late 2015 or early 2016, basically because of the fact that at the moment there are no other 400cc adventure tourer motorbikes existing presently. The one and only adventure-centric contributions are the Pulsar AS twins being the 150-200 cc segment and the superior products from Triumph and Ducati in the 800cc options.

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan spied at production

    While the much awaited and anticipated launch by the team at Royal Enfield is finally seen at the production set-up

  • The upcoming Bikes in India

    While biking in India has an altogether new picture in the current era, gone are the days when bikes were just a commuting vehicle for a daily fix. Today the position of bikes, superbikes, speed and thrill adventure, all comes in a priceless package

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan just around the corner

    There are reports of the all new Royal Enfield Himalayan motorbike has been floating on the web. The Production ready unit has been caught and spied while on a test yet again. Lets get closer to the details we are able to extract till now. Whereas our two-wheeler market has been dominated by the latest and the cutting edge bikes being introduced in the market in great numbers. Today the consumers keep looking for freshness and technologies.

  • Royal Enfield is extremely busy

    Royal Enfield has decided to ramp up the production process so as to match up with the waiting period. Royal Enfield would be increasing the production capacity by the end of this year so as to be able to meet with the demands of this highly favored and loved motor bike in India. This would definitely be an effective way to manage the waiting period of these much preferred bikes here in the country.

  • Royal Enfield Despatch edition was sold out in less than 30 minutes

    Recently, Royal Enfield presented two of the limited edition models of the classic 500 in India, estimated at INR 2.05 lakh, ex-showroom in Mumbai. The only thing exclusive about this Royal Enfield Despatch edition bikes, other than their special paint layout and a few more fixtures, was that these bikes were on the sales shelves only on the companys web portal, store.youalenfield.com.

  • Royal Enfield to get an ABS

    Along with all the hype and buzz created by ABS fixture, soon becoming a norm with the Bike makers in our country.Following the latest trend, Royal Enfield is also intending to load its products in the future to sport this anti-lock braking system, popularly known as ABS. Reports of the company being engaged and discussing over the concept with ABS makers is been floated.

  • Royal Enfield to hold the 12th edition of Odyssey on 10th July 2015

    The 12th edition of Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey Ride is all dressed up to commence on the 10th of July, and would terminate on the 25th of July, 2015. Royal Enfields leading motorbike event would observe 75 riders during this season, who would initiate their trip with a conference on 10th of July and flag off on 11th July. According to the company the riders, participating this year, would take a totally restored direction to Leh through Sarchu Pass.