The New Mahindra Quanto facelift to be called Nuvosport

The much awaited wait for getting a make-over is almost finished now. As per the latest spy story of the car, it might get an altogether new name, as ‘Nuvosport’. Previously, the car was renamed back in the mid of 2015 as ‘Canto’, however may be due to an eventful year post to that the brand was not able to launch the same out in the market. The pictures spied recently talk about to-be-launched car. Some of the most noteworthy variations are the slate grille located at the fore of the car, offering an altogether new look to the car. The home grown brand has borrowed a face looking similar to the Scorpio, appearing a bit more aggressive and masculine. This new is suiting the new name as well and the car’s design look all the more great and a lot better than before. 

The two perpendicular slats in the air dam are no longer seen in the car, while a classier honey comb design has taken over. Rest of the rework comprises of the newly tweaked head lights, tail lights and the side indicators. Most of eth exterior looks fresh and indeed amazing. A new engine is also on the cards, while this could be the reason; the Brand Mahindra had been delaying the launch for a while. The brand right now is eyeing upon the Petrol unit too, after the recent ban over the diesel mills in the country. It was observed recently when the brand rolled out the KUV100, petrol models that actually stirred in a lot of anticipation in the market. Similarly the market is thinking of a petrol unit in the Quanto facelift along with an AMT to be rolled out by the end of this month. Keep watching this space for more info on this.