India to have EV Platforms now

The home developed EV platforms to spread around two-wheelers, small cars to commercial vehicles, while it should be rolled out within the span of the coming two years. Basically in order to make EVs and hybrids popular in India, our government has initiated a development plan of producing EV platforms ranging from two-wheelers to commercial vehicles, all within the country. Talking to the officials involved in this extremely outstanding initiative, the Government of India reported that around INR 1,600 Cr. Along with the participation from major OEMs, they would exhibit the primary testers during the initial 18 months, along with marketable production of the latest platforms in the eminent 24 months.

Honda EV

The major and renowned OEMs involved talking about the bus platform, namely Tata, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra, Eicher are all roped in well. They evidently stand at par in terms of technical knowledge, R&D amenities, with centers of brilliance and there are also a few of the IITs who would be getting accumulated in this hi-fi project. The money is funded by the govt. for the research and through development, as all OEMs are roped in intensely occupied in the process, while each of them would put up their personal samples and would be permitted to brand independently, however the platform particulars and parts would be given equally to everyone. The FAME scheme is now expanded to the various parts of the country, along with the sales of electric vehicles also gearing up. Indeed with the introduction of these latest platforms the government imagines a cleaner and more proficient transport atmosphere in the country. Certainly, the govt. realized the health hazards on the roads of our country, and such initiatives are required in order to sustain the pollution level that has elevated to the danger mark, making the people really sick and prone to diseases