Honda coming up with a new Sports car

Honda is in the highlights yet another time owing to its innovation this time coming up with a sports car named S2000 Honda dynamic S2000 range is all set to make waves in the market

Honda is in the highlights yet another time owing to its innovation, this time coming up with a sports car, named S2000. Honda’s dynamic S2000 range is all set to make waves in the market, this time in a new rear view roadster version that would be competing against the Mazda MX-5 as well as the brand Fiat’s upcoming 124 Spider. Honda had been busy with numerous projects lately especially with the sports cars, and it seems like the maker is on a spree towards building a business image of being an all-rounderand become a manufacturer who makes both sports and mainstream offerings for the car fanatics all over the globe. It is also been reported online about the mid-size engine’s turbocharged ‘baby NSX’ that is also been considered, however the company officials have aligned a come-back model before the open-top two-seater to be out in the market. The emerging S2000 would be considered being a quickersubstitute to the MX-5. Its presentation, however, must be comparative to the upcoming Fiat 124 Spider that makes use of the 1.4-L turbocharged motor in place of the Mazda’s customarilyextracted 1.5-L and 2.0-Lmills.

Honda S2000

Concerning the new roadster, Honda is looking for a number of power units. A modified variant of the firm’s upcoming 1.5-L turbocharged petrol mill could offer power to the regular models of the car. The four-cylinder mill carrying VTEC churns out 150bhp in the cars made especially for the market in Japan. This figure is expected to be re-tuned to nearly 180bhp for the most unassertive S2000, offering the car nearly 25bhp greater that the prevailing MX-5 and overcoming the stats of the US-market that offers a 124’s 158bhp. The upcoming S2000 would remain closer to the regular car's ideologies of an engine is mounted at the fore placed right at the back of the axle line, along with being rear-wheel drive. All models of the car would sport a short-throw six-speed manual transmission