Honda City and Civic recalled

The brand Honda has at least been considered a bench mark for quality and eminence, especially for a country like India that largely relies to the brand value of a company and buys its products with a blind faith in them. However there are times, makers over-look a particular fact and some or some of the gap arise before they start to analyse and dig deep in the examination of their creations. These days it’s really great selling big and reputed names to come out and announce recalls =, with put the fear of the damaging their reputation and keeping their customer’s safety and protection at par. In the past as well there are various brands who have dared to step out of their niche, offer constructive solutions, accepted their flaws and rectified them well in time, before anything bad occurs.

This time the brand Honda is in news for a similar story. The brand Honda has declared to recall the previous models of the most successful sedanCity, the popular hatchback Jazz as well as he Civic from the India customers in order to supplant the driver-side air bag inflators. This particular recall is part of Honda’s global inclination towards taking precautionary steps, so as to enhance the airbag inflators. This indeed would be the second time that the company has called upon a recall to connect with the airbags in the country. A total number of 49, 572 units of thesedanCity, 7,504 units of Jazz and 600 units of the Civic have been calculated to be recalled and the required component would be placed at the Honda service centres, without charging the customers. The entire lot of the cars have been produces between the month of January 2012 and June 2013.  The brand plans to carry out this entire procedure in a well-planned and phased approach in the country that will start today.