Jaguar soon to unwrap the F Type SVR sports coupe

This is a report about the fastest Jaguars ever made so far. Yes you read it right! We are talking about the brand offering a never before version of the Jaguar at the 86th International Geneva Motor Show. The Jaguar F-Type SVR would certainly be called as the company's range-topping sports coupe (the V8 R) equipped with an all-wheel drive along with a supercharged 5-L V8 offering a 542bhp. The car has been offered to the brands newly created Special Vehicles Operations (SVO) unit that would be making this four wheeled magic all the more stimulating. SVO has been established by Jaguar Land Rover in order to look after the augmenting perceptive in its customers along with its first attempt, the Range Rover Sport SVR turned out to be the fastest SUV to ever race at the Nurburgring.

Moving further, the Range Rover SV Autobiography has been established as one of the most elite and well-appointed Range Rover in its olden times. As of now, it shifts it focus to add magic to the much loved, Jaguar. The F-Type SVR would be much lighter in weight and solid compared to the rest of the F-Type. Basically it has diverse and better genes in its making now. It has acquired carbon ceramic brakes being usual concept in it. However the Jaguar's engineers have dealt with an additional 25bhp from the car's engine. Therefore the power of the car has come up to a huge 567bhp! Going by its light weight technology along with a couple of external aerodynamic modifications, they have achieved a 0-100km/h in merely 3.7 seconds along with a top speed of 200mph (322km/h). As far as the price is concerned, the car can is now placed with the Porsche Turbos as well as Aston Martins in terms of its performance and styling, so there is an assumption of the car is pretty bulky on the price tag now, while it would be up for sale a little later this year.