• All new Maruti Baleno coming up this Monday

    As we all have been anticipating the latest buzz from the house of Maruti the much awaited premium hatchback offering by the brand named the Baleno

  • 7-seater Wagon R has arrived for testing in the country

    While there have been a lot happening at the Maruti house these days and the company is regularly making its way to the highlights since the last so many months

  • Automatic cars is the current flavor in the Indian market Maruti sells 50000 AMT cars

    While the population in the country keeps on increasing by the days, and so is the traffic on the roads. The rapid evolve that we have seen in the past few years have enhanced the status of most the citizens of our country

  • The latest Spy story of the Maruti iM-4 crossover

    Suzuki imminent crossover car, dubbed as the iM-4, that still has a long way to go before it actually arrives in the markets

  • Spy story of the Maruti Baleno

    The all new, upcoming Maruti Baleno, caught while on a test on the streets of Gurgaon. While the car is all dressed up, at the production level to be seen out by the month of October

  • The Maruti Ertiga has a good news to tell

    The all new upcoming revamp model of the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga would be offered with an automatic Transmission

  • Maruti Alto celebrated Onam-Company offers Limited Edition

    They rolled out the Onam Limited Edition of the Maruti Alto 800 and also distributed 3,000 cars of distinct segments in a single day. As per a Maruti official, out of these 3,000 cars sold, 1,000 units were the Alto 800. These cars were delivered on the propitious event of the first day of Malayalam month Chingam.

  • Maruti Ciaz Hybrid launching soon features price listed here

    The car was previously launched out in the month of October, back in 2014, the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is certainly one of the best-selling vehicles, while we talk about the mid-sized sedans running on the roads of our country. Now in order to enhance the sales and the popularity of this much loved, mid-sized sedan, the Maruti Ciaz would be out now in a mild hybrid diesel variant of the vehicle in the domestic market of our country

  • Maruti Ciaz making its way soon

    Maruti brand has acquired a level it had been trying for since a long time, we assume basically because of the company now getting into the premium fragment in the market and thinking out of the box and offering something extra for the consumers out there in the market craving for innovation. This time around it?s about the Maruti Ciaz that is all being dressed up to be rolled out in a hybrid version.

  • Upcoming Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Facelift price specifications launch date

    The folks at the brand Maruti are presently busy working on the upcoming Maruti Ertiga Facelift.