• India to have EV Platforms now

    The home developed EV platforms to spread around two-wheelers small cars to commercial vehicles while it should be rolled out within the span of the coming two years Basically in order to make EVs and hybrids popular in India

  • Top Safe Cars on the Indian Roads

    We all know that life can be unpredictable at any given time. The road is full of elements that are more than enough to end a persons life and it literally keeps happening on the Indian roads almost each day when people end up losing the battle of their lives meeting with severe accidents

  • Honda Cars India to empower INR 600 crore

    Honda Cars India is preparing to invest a sum of INR 500-600 Cr.during the current fiscal in order to enhance the production volume in India, asper the reports on Business Standard. The venture would also enable its Greater Noida R&D facility fetching a full-fledged unit

  • Once again Honda customers in India experience a recall

    The recall staus of the company is getting a trend in the auto car market based in India as we have seen serveral companies are recalling its offsprings soon after its lauch

  • Only one car to a family-AAP sets rules in India

    Well, certainly the traffic situation in our country seems to be increasing by the day and is getting difficult to handle. Especially during the peals hours it has become extremely difficult to manage on the jam packed roads and reach work on time

  • Customers have found a new love with the Honda Amaze

    Well, good news for the brand Honda, as per the sales figures of the domestic gross sales in the native market of our country, talking about the compact sedan segment. Honda Amaze scores the most, talking about the sales in the month of September, 2015

  • Honda announces for a huge recall

    While a recall may sound like a negative aspect towards a brand, however it certainly reflects the ability of a brand to be aware if certain constrains that a particular element in the car might be facing

  • Honda Amaze and Mobilio celebrating with Special Editions

    Lately, the brand Honda rolled out the Special Edition of its models like the Amaze and the Mobilio. A lot of manufacturers are participating in the market, offering Special Celebration editions of the best of their products

  • Honda Jazz wins over the Honda City

    Honda Jazz overtakes the Honda City, and acquires the top position, being the best sold car of the brand in the month of July 2015. However this position was captured by the Honda City, the well-known and the most sold car from the brand. Registering domestic sales at 18,606 units in the month of July, 2015,Honda Cars India has announced hike of nearly 18 per cent.

  • Autocarbazar compares Honda Jazz VS Hyundai i20

    Now, here we are with the much awaited segment breakup all you car fanatics were waiting for. To start with it would not be incorrect to quote about the cars we would be talking about, the all new revamped Honda Jazz and the Hyundai i20. While a comparison is mostly biased, but here we are giving you figures and facts, and we would like to leave the decision over to our readers, to make their pick.