• Hyundai Creta rakes over 15k booking in 20 days

    Hyundai Creta has been doing exceptionally well ever since its inception and no there is just another aspect for the brand to celebrate as Hyundai Creta has already collected around 15000 bookings of this new baby in town.The Hyundai Creta is obtainable with a selection of 3 engine variants

  • Hyundai to gift a touch screen to its cars

    Hyundai Elite i20 and the i20 Active to be equipped with the Touch Screen system by the end of this current month of July.A latest buzz over the web quotes that the Hyundai team is busy carving a touch screen infotainment system, as a prime initiative on their top-end variants. The names on the list are cars like the Hyundai Elite i20 and the i20 Active

  • Hyundai Creta meets its first crash

    The main cause of this happening was that the showroom test drive Hyundai Creta banged off a bike rider and that gathered a whole lot of the crowd. And possibly, in accordance to the ?people?s rule on roads? results in the bigger vehicle, being the bigger faulty so the pissed of crowd decided to tip over the vehicle.

  • Would Hyundai Creta be able to achieve the 5000 units target

    In accordance to a report on the Economic Times, Hyundai Motor India Limited is aiming to trade arounf 5,000 units per month of the all new Hyundai Creta compacted SUV that is nearing its launch on the 21st July 2015. The publication absorbs from merchants that Creta manufacture for 2015 would be round 40,000 units, although next year, the Chennai unit would brand 70,000-80,000 units of the compact SUV.

  • Queue to own a Hyundai Tucson 2016 SUV

    Hyundai Motor has improved manufacture of the new Tucson 2016 SUV due to increasing mandate from export souks. Presently, the 2016 Tucson is finished at a plant in Ulsan, South Korea, which is incompetent to meet request.

  • Hyundai organizes a Summer Camp

    Hyundai has initiated its countrywide facility advantage named Always Around movement for the 9th time in a row, for the last 9 years in fact. This facility movement is being planned for the May 24th 2015 and would deliver free 18 point check for all Hyundai clients.

  • Hyundai iX25 Spied on a test

    One of car fanatics and follower captured these pictures of the top end Hyundai ix25 on the Greater Noida expressway earlier this week. The compacted SUV is recognized as a topping up classic owed to its projector headlamps, LED daytime operating lamps, cut in diamond shape alloy wheels and converse parking radars.

  • Android Auto for the first time in Hyundai Sonata

    Apple CarPlay has previously made its entrance in the Volvo XC90 and we were speculating what materialized to Android Auto. Well, its lastly here as Hyundai proclaimed that the Sonata 2015 would be the first manufacture car to come armed with Android Auto.

  • Sales for Hyundai stride up in May

    Hyundai Motor India today informed a 1.5 per cent upsurge in total trades at 52,515 units in the month of May. The company had vended 51,718 units in the similar month last year, HMIL said in a declaration. In the native marketplace, Hyundai retailed 37,450 units last month associated with 36,205 units in the month of May 2014, up 3.4 per cent.

  • Hyundai Creta another powerful compact SUV

    Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) today exposed the tag of Hyundai?s Worldwide SUV that would streak its world opening in India during the second half of this year. The Hyundai Creta would blastoff primarily in India, and would then be up on shelves worldwide in markets, the brand from Korea quoted in a declaration.