• Harman obtains Bang and Olufsen car audio trade

    Indians are so used to and are hard core are music lovers, dont we all love listening to either the beats laid soft music or the dhol beats music while on the go. Listening to the favorite radio shows is also a love that cant be denied. There are many brands and products flooding the markets these days, but when luxury cars come in picture, the story becomes even more interesting.

  • Audi To Launch Q3 Revamp Today

    Audi India would set afloat the make over Audi Q3 compact luxury SUV today. The 2015 variant is approaching with additional features, artistic enrich along with no motorized variations. The Audi Q3 endures to contend BMW X1 and Volvo V40 Cross-Country and Mercedes-Benz GLA. Beautifully, Audi has specified it a delicate renovation, foremost variations are centered to its fore.

  • Audi reveals its lineup of products

    Audi rolls pit information about its upcoming new line up of the most amazing machines like the A1, A3 and Q3. Audi recently revealed the layout for its latest machines- A1, A3 and Q3 machines with pride at the 2015 annual Worthersee.

  • Politicians and their swanky rides

    Well, indeed true the kind of money the politician of India make an actually not be matched to the politicians of anywhere around the globe. The political leaders on our country prefer to solve the matter of the country coming into the Govt.

  • Report-Audi chose Mumbai for another Technical Center

    This new set up in Mumbai India would be the brand seventh technical set up in the Asia Pacific region. Audi India introduced yet another Technical Centre for India in Mumbai.

  • Audi launch The First Technical Service Center in India

    Audi India, sets in motion their first Technical center in India, to provide over the edge service for its Indian customer. The Indian Technical center would incorporate a workshop and a training center.

  • Audi and Mercedes Fight for Top in India

    Reports and sources claim the Giant Luxury Brands Audi and Mercedes fight with each other in order to compete and win. Mercedes Benz India, reported a growth of 40 percent supported by the sales that took place in between January- March 2015.

  • Audi TT roll out on the Indian roads 23rd April 2015

    Audi India is all set to roll out the first from its collection of 10 new machines, planned to release for the roads of India. The Brand is all ready to launch its first dressed up baby on the 23rd of April 2015.

  • Audi TT 2015 finally launched on the Indian roads

    Audi Indian finally set afloat the new generation TT sports car in the capital, in at INR 60.34 lakhs, ex-showroom, New Delhi. The third generation of this dynamic sports car is now available in India solely.

  • Report-Audi finally gets triumph in e-diesel Experiment

    It has been announced by Audi, in November last year to start a research on an e-diesel, now it has been reported by the company about getting success towards this concept, and they seek victory producing their first batch of e-diesel.