• Indian Auto Show 2016 assumption Alfa Romeo Giulia

    Although the new machine is expected to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, we suppose the car should consume a stall at the Indian Auto Show in 2016 too. Alfa Romeo is supposed to be revealed as the 4 door Giulia, however the name has not been confirmed yet, but would be a sedan unveiled on the 24th June 2015 in Milan, as a replacement to the 159.

  • An Engine all of Plastic A concept for the Auto Show 2016

    An Engine made of Plastic to be able to churn out 450bhp. If talking about losing weight of a car, maximum variations are made to the external sections and this is somewhere carbon fiber originates into the image. Yes, it benefits, but the machines are still the hefty considering in at near to 100 odd kilos.

  • Hyundai Elantra A good contender at the Auto Show 2016

    Features a modernized layout aligned with hottest array. Hyundai would shortly publicize the gen-next Hyundai Elantra that is also named Hyundai Avante in a few markets this year, sporting an efficient layout, fresh equipment and a fuel effectual dynamo squad.

  • Auto Shows Are Revving Up According to Foresight Research 2015

    Auto show promotion influence is hitting the lever to the core rendered by Foresight Research 2015 Auto Show Immersion Report. Scheduled for publication following week, the conclusive reading of auto show sector discloses robust upturns in both show audience and show impact on new car buying choices.

  • Renault Duster grounded surprise to unveil on 18th June 2015

    Constructed on the Oroch conception, it is a dual cab revamp machines choices alike to those accessible in the Duster.Renault has floated out teaser imageries of its pickup truck. The marketable vehicle, a production variant of the Oroch conception that was presented previous year, would premiere on the 18th June 2015 at the Buenos Aires auto show, in Argentina.

  • Maserati Quattroporte making a come back in India

    Well-known sports and GT carmaker Maserati from Italy, is all-set to return to India. Previously circulated together with Ferrari, the brand from Italy would now derive to India on its individual haze.

  • Renault Alpine 2016 could be a star at the Indian Auto Show 2016

    The layout of the Renault Alpine is based on Celebration Concept. RM Design has extracted a production spec variant of the Renault Alpine Celebration Concept, owing for an entrance next year. We assume the car to definitely pick up a corner at the Indian Auto Show 2016.

  • An Evening with the 2016 BMW 7 series

    The BMW 7 Series 2016 is all set to step down in order to make a global debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015. On the 10th of June, BMW had unveiled the all new BMW 7 Series 2016 that has at present been extracted for the first time since its declaration and that too without any concealing right outside of the BMW Welt in Munich.

  • The Upcoming Auto fairs in Pragati Maidan

    India Trade Promotion Organization or the ITPO, the first trade promotion activity of the Govt. of India for establishing trade fairs, is dedicated to platform brilliance accomplished by the country in varied arenas particularly line of work and business.

  • Tata is about to generate a Car storm

    After we spotted the Nexon at the Delhi Auto Expo 2014, we have been inquisitive about the type of car that would ultimately see the bright of day. The Nexon is a compacted SUV and our reports tell us that the cars production variant would be out at the Delhi Auto Expo 2016.