Honda City i-VTEC V

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Car Details

  • 2018


  • 34000 km


  • Petrol


  • Dealer


  • Manual


  • First


  • Delhi


Detailed Report

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Body, Exterior, Interior, Trunk, Frame

Walk Around

  • Rusting in the wheel arch, spare tyre & front col..
  • Vehicle is free of improper paint repairs.
  • Body is free of all dents, scratches.
  • Bumpers are free of cuts, gouges and scratches.
  • Bumper ends are not riveted/screwed from outside.
  • Glass free of cracks,stars,large chips & improper repairs.

Driver Seat

  • Check noise from trims/Seats/dash/glove box & consoles.
  • Rear defogger grid lines intact.
  • Door beadings are clean.
  • Headrests function properly.
  • Window tinting clear and free of bubbles.
  • Headrest , sun visors, dash pad, upholstery, console, cup holders, trim panels, floor mats and carpets are in place and in good condition.

 8.75 Lakh

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