Volvo Concept Truck 2020

If you are crazy to see the looks of Future Truck you have to wait some time. MAN and Volvo will bring new truck concept in India.

Bringing the futuristic designs of trucks having bluff, towering fronts and seamlessly unstoppable force, MAN and Volvo trucks are expected with monoliths trucks of our road network. Although there are differences in details of these trucks, most Lorries look externally the same. European Union (EU) governs the size and weight of all the Lorries and trucks that travel between member countries. The current regulations have been applied since 1996, but in order to improve efficiency and safety, the new EU proposal is set to change rules. MAN and Volvo proposed the concept in 2010 for these gigantic trucks.

The MAN concept S had much more esteemed design. The cab (or tractor unit) designed is much more different from the trucks which we use today, having a curvy body and an especially noticeable front. Using dolphin as a guide, truck shape uses extensive ‘fluid dynamics’ that makes it smooth through the air. If said in aerodynamics term, there is drop in resistance to air which is from 0.50Cd to 0.30Cd. MAN concept is 25% more efficient than conventional trucks having longer trailer which could allow more goods transfer at the same time, offering efficiency and environmental gains.

Similar to MAN, Volvo Trucks (which is separate company from Volvo Cars) is also thinking of future trucks. The above design shows Volvo Concept Truck 2020, also known as Volvo Version 2020. The truck front is flat enough to hit complete body at the same instance of time. Having focus on safety, Volvo also aims to soften the blow.

The interior include an automatic guide system so the truck can move on auto driver. Driver compartment is ornamented with iPad-esque touchscreen controls. Outside of truck have irradiated grille having digital signwriting for displaying different company logos, and have rear-view cameras instead of mirrors.

If given a chance, these trucks could be a lot more interesting, greener and safer at the same time.