Upcoming new tiny German Benz with a new trend

German auto expert the Mercedes Benz is planning to roll out the big event of slotting the Subcompact SUV under the GLK class.

Mercedes Benz the German moto brander and experts plans for some small but big thing in terms of performance, comfort, and technology. We already are in an impression of Mercedes Benz technology and engineering.  The German automaker Mercedes Benz is soon going to reveal the upcoming new tiny German Benz with a new trend. Mercedes has revealed the secret out that the new Mercedes Benz Subcompact SUV will be going to slot under the GLK class and will hit the auto mart predictably in 2016.

German auto and engineering is always a heartthrob for their products and service not only in India but also in the globe. The news is in the air that the all new upcoming tiny Benz will be a combination or mix and match of economy and Crossover. This means an economic crossover will be going to be there in the market in the predictable year 2016. The best technology on wheels is what Mercedes brand cars are, provided any Class and model.

The big league and basically the car collectors ensure all the facts when purchasing any new car but then when it comes to Mercedes brand cars then people show blind faith. The reason behind the launch of the tiny Benz is the 2014 Mercedes Benz CLA model as the CLA is the cheaper model for Mercedes Benz. Predictably the upcoming tiny Benz will be featuring the same size as Ford Fiesta has. Mercedes Benz is well known for the class themes, CLA, MFA and now GLA is the next category. The upcoming tiny Benz will be based on GLA pattern well known as CLA and will have an off-roading guts. The tiny Benz will be co-developed with Renault Nissan. We hope for the best as the new G- Class will provide some new grounds to Mercedes Benz in the market.