Toyota Electric Mini Cooper Concept Seems Eco friendliness

Toyota has recently unveiled its new concept car that seems taking the concept green a step ahead. The car has been provided with fully recyclable body panels which along with reducing weight of the car make it much more eco-friendly.

The new Toyota electric car seems taking environmental friendliness a step ahead. The Earth day may have passed but the celebration still seems continuing. The Toyota’s recyclable concept car represents the eco-friendly future of cars that is yet to strike all of us.

The concept has been named as ME.WE. The ME.WE is 1653 pounds lighter than the heavy Mini Cooper. The credits for this light weight goes to the 100 percent recyclable polypropylene plastic composite panels that its body is made up of.

The French Designer Jean-Marie likes to add that by addition of so many ideal features and a loss of reality touch the car is more a bundle of restraints and constraints. However in his view, all of our lives needs more simplicity and adaptability like the one is represented by this car.

The car can swallow sufficient amount of luggage as the built in roof storage along with covering of neoprene provides complete protection. The rear bench can be removed and folded beneath the front seats in case more space is required. Not only this, the Japanese car maker has provided the car with four electric motors despite of lithium ion batteries to make it a gas free car. This advantage was could be taken only because of light weight of the car. Each motor provides power to each wheels of the car.

Toyota at present has no plans to produce this vehicle for commercial uses. But it can be said for sure that this design provides a keen insight into future that can be pursued in respect to eco-friendly electric cars. How far will this concept go that is yet to be unveiled.