Tata Nano TV Commercial Ads

2013 Tata Nano spied while being filmed for ad campaign.

The brand image of Tata Nano as cheapest car in the world took a setback on account of its manufacturing flaws. That is one of the main reasons why Tata Motors is trying pretty hard to give the 2013 Tata Nano a new brand image. The recent 2012 version of the car was introduced with the same aim with new improvements in the model. That worked too and the model managed to slip in the top ten sold cars of India in 2012. But the boom was temporary and the car sales again slipped down during the first quarter of 2013. The number of cars standing in the Sanand plant are the live proof of this decline.
This decline compelled the home grown major to re-design the car image and structure in a new flavor. The company hasn’t revealed any official details yet, but the new 2013 Tata Nano is being bestowed with number of new features including a more power packed petrol engine, a CNG option, and an 800cc diesel power plant.
The new version of the car is ready to be launched in a few months. The 2013 Tata Nano was spied recently during the 2013 Tata Nano ad campaign. It was noticed from the pictures that their hasn’t been any major change in the exterior of the new Tata Nano but is certainly a bit different form the one that was showcased at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. The changes can be seen in the chrome strip that runs across its bonnet lip and one more that has been placed above the rear bumper.
The interior front too remains the same but the new blue tone adds to the appearance of the car. Apart from the petrol variant, the mini car will also be offered with a CNG twin cylinder unit. The details of the CNG variant have already been disclosed on net. The car will receive a two cylinder unit that will carry potential to generate power worth 42 PS for 4000 RPM and a torque worth 94 NM for 2500 RPM.