Tata Nano is the Cheapest Car of World Still Low on Trade

Tata Nano cheapest car of the world in desperate need of image makeover.

The brand image of Tata Nano as cheapest car of the world isn’t helping its owners in collecting revenues. Its present brand image is only bringing it fame but no finance. India is a nation where more than 50 percent of population cannot afford car, Nano was launched with a vision to help those people in completing their car dream.

The pricing of this car therefore was especially kept so low. But as Bloomberg reports, that even five years post its launch, Tata motors has managed to launch just 229, 157 units of Nanos in its native country India. That’s the reason why its maker has decided to promote this vehicle in upper level market to achieve its sales target.

Indian people may be financially weak as compared to their western counterparts, but a brand image still plays a key role in maintaining sales figures of any product in this nation. The low price of Nano failed to get it intended buyers here as people think it to be an intermediate vehicle between two wheelers and four wheelers. Tata Nano price in India at present is in the range of Rs.1.08 lakh to Rs.2.50 lakhs.

As compared to its closest rival Maruti Suzuki, Tata stands far behind. In the last month of FY 13, Maruti registered trade figures equal to 429, 569 units only on basis of its small cars such as M800, Wagon R, and A-Star. All these are pricier than Nano, but due to a standard brand image have managed to lure in buyers. The upcoming diesel version of Tata Nano is bring expected to give a boost to its image as well as sales figures.