Tata Motors produced Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus in India

ata Motors Limited and Isro have brought up India?s first non-polluting buses running by compressed hydrogen gas.

Tata Motors and Isro have produced Hydrogen-powered automobile for the first time in country. The success was achieved after several years of research. Liquid Propulsion Systems Center was the place where this CNG-type bus was firstly revealed which is located at an Isro facility in Mahendragiri in Tamil Nadu. These buses will be non-polluting. The bottles filled with high pressurized hydrogen are placed at top.

The Isro officials from Bangalore-headquarter officials said, “Hydrogen cells were result of cryogenic technology, for which Isro worked for several years. The technology used is liquid hydrogen handling which can’t be said exactly the cryptogenic technology”. In last three decades, Isro have evolved technology for keeping, safety and producing gaseous and liquid hydrogen.

V Gnana Gandhi, adviser of Isro, said “in 2006, Isro and TML moved into MoU to develop hydrogen based bus using hydrogen as fuel through fuel cell route. The team produced general specifications for buses and technical specifications for all elements”. He also said that Automobile industry have got a dive towards future transportation. The byproduct of combustion is water so the vehicle will not produce any pollution. The contributions of DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) and PESO (Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization and team work of Tata Motors and Isro specialists made it possible.