Renault Twizy Sport F1

Renault Twizy Concept car to enter production phase at Renault?s Valladolid plant Spain.

Recently Renault F1 Concept car was showcased recently. The concept development project was taken ahead by Renault Sport technologies ad Renault Sport F1. The new Renault Twizy will be manufactures at the Spain situated manufacturing plant of Renault. This mini electric car has been bestowed with quite robust looks and sturdy style. The performance of the vehicle presents somewhat a fusion of F1 technology and a retail model of an electric car.

Twizy Sport f1 is a single passenger race car and has been fitted with an F10style rain light, rear wing with a diffuser, front splitter, and side-pods. All these features together provide a spectacular look to the car. The high level performance of the vehicle is supported by the Kinetic Energy recovery System that the car has been installed with. This KERS system is quite close to the solution that is implied in Formula 1 race cars. The system has enough capability to smoke out power worth 101 PS and also result in accelerations that matches closely with Renault’s highest performing race car, Megane R.S.

The design director of Renault Sport Range, Eric Diemert likes to add that Twizy Renault Sport F1 is a smart and subtle vehicle that has been incorporated with technology abstracted from Formula F1 and original dimensions. The vehicle leaves all speechless in terms of performance and looks.

Short Summary: Renault F1 concept car was recently unveiled by the French car maker. The car is a spectacular example of speed and technology. With its muscular appearance and smart looks of the car provide it an unmatched appeal. The makers of the cart has infused the vehicle with F1 features to express its persona. The car is a single passenger car and has been fitted with some of the most advanced features like Kinetic Energy Recovery System, rear wing along with diffuser, front splitter, and side-pots. The KERS system provides the car with an ability to gain instant power worth 101 PS along with superior acceleration.