Renault Duster Receives A Futuristic Front From DC Design

Renault Duster DC Design association results into a new futuristic Duster. Renault Duster new look teaser has been released by DC Design.

Renault Duster new look teaser has been released by DC Design. The Designer seems quite successful in giving the SUV a future oriented look. Although at present it is hard to imagine what the final product will look like. But the first image speaks a lot in itself. Although DC Design has ensured that along with further developments more snaps shots of the Renault Duster SUV will be revealed.
The design firm that hails from Mumbai has refused to provide any more details for the product. But the new look of Dacia Duster, the common name of Duster in some foreign countries, will definitely bring a major improvement in its appeal.  Although, it is not hard to make out from its first teaser that the front fascia of Duster in much inspired from Renault DCross Concept. This concept was first seen in year 2012 at the Sao Paulo Motor Show that took place in Brazil.

Renault Duster price range in India has been quoted in the range of INR 7, 87, 000 – INR 12, 00, 000 based on its various versions. This crossover debuted in 2009 and at present is being sold in various countries such as Algeria, UK, Syria, Egypt, Ukraine, Morocco, and Turkey under the brand name Dacia.

In India, Duster actually brought with it good times for Renault. The car since its launch has been a star seller and has bagged several prestigious awards for its performance. One of the main reasons for this high amount of acceptability of Renault Duster in India is the aggressive pricing strategy that the French car maker adopted for promoting this crossover in India. At present, when the slowdown has grabbed major sections of Indian auto industry, Duster has helped Renault in holding its flag high.