Porsche Adding More than 1000 New Employees for Makin

The Macan a new name for the future SUV is yet to be designed. Porsche hired 1000 new employees for its production.

The German technology and automobiles are one of the best in the auto town.  Another German auto maker has been doing good and sitting on cloud nine. The question here arise why on cloud nine, hence the answer is because of Porsche’s new excellent small crossover Macan which is about to built. Porsche Macan is already in the news for hiring 1000 new employees for its production.

Siegfried Bulow Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche Leipzig GmbH said that”The interest in a job with Porsche is enormous. We have received 16,500 applications already, even though the big search for staff starts officially only today. The facts speak their own language attractive environment and an emotional product. Moreover, the jobs here are future-proof, because in Leipzig all signs point to growth”.

The Company has been planning for more than 16500 applicants for the one thousand new full time production jobs for the Porsche Macan. The Porsche Macan has decided to add up the glory of engineering staff up to 400 people. The Porsche Cayenne a luxury car maker is super happy for the upcoming SUV and sitting on cloud nine. Porsche motors is looking forward and counting success on it  under designed Macan.

The new Porsche Macan has been doing a commendable job and it will become the highest love for masses, this is what company is counting and thinking. The Macan production factory got a five hundred million euro of investment just to design the Porsche Macan. The Car would be based on the Audi Q5 platform but then with a difference zest of powerful engine line ups. We expect to see the 2014 Macan debut at September’s Frankfurt Motor Show.