Nissan self drive car tests fine

While the car doesnt need your hands not feet pedaling round the clutch or accelerator or the brakes this new revolution by the Nissan Motor Co. is a self driven car all set to arrive on the streets of Japan adorn every essential like radars lasers cameras and computer chips

While on a test spree, Nissan self drive car drives itself safe and sound, while identifying pedestrians. While it can be quite overwhelming sitting down at the back of a self driven car, making it look easy, but the person can get really apprehensive, indeed. While the car doesn’t need your hands, not feet, pedaling round the clutch or accelerator or the brakes, this new revolution  by the Nissan Motor Co. is a self driven car all set to arrive on the streets of Japan, adorn every essential like radars, lasers, cameras and computer chips. As they call it, intelligent driving feature that is made adequately smart in order to find the way through intersections without any lane markings. It also is featured to apply brakes carefully so as to stop devoid of booming into the vehicle at front, and it also carries the; potential to differentiate between a red light and a back light of a vehicle at its front.


As per the reports, there has been a 30 minute driving test drive in the test vehicle that also included stoppages at the traffic signals, taking turns, swapping through lanes along with crossing a bridge through the bay. The car is talked about being conscientiously cautious, acting a little over cautious just like any of the new learning drivers. The car remained within the speed limit. And it decreased its speed, like being cautious when the roads got congested a bit, making the situation a little complicated, like another car running parallel. The car’s system is considered to identify people and if a walker was seen on the road and the car could stop from there. Looks like an interesting and factious deal, while the truth is that indeed this could be the future of this generation, as it is the people of our country especially who are sick and tired of driving around to and fro work driving through jam packed roads