Nissan New York City Launch LEAF Electric Vehicle taxi Pilot

Electric vehicle taxi pilot launched in New York City with an aim to prove worthiness of EVs as cabs.

Nissan, in association with New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, launched a Nissan Electric Vehicle Taxi Pilot with the best-selling car of the globe. Nissan Leaf at present is the best-selling car on the earth. This pilot program would put a pair of six EVs on New York City roads with an aim to prove worthiness of Electric vehicles as taxi cabs. The taxis will start serving masses from the beginning of upcoming spring. By this initiative the Japanese car maker intends the masses to understand the importance of zero emission vehicles. Also, it wants the taxi industry to understand how they can use alternative fuel cased vehicles in future.

The Vice- President of Nissan Commercial Vehicles, Joe Castelli, said on the occasion that this vehicle has been launched as part of their commitment to bring-in zero emission vehicles in market for the masses. Nissan is looking forward to various ways that can be used to broaden the horizon for acceptance of electric cars. Previously Nissan NV200 was largely accepted by people as a cab which wasn’t even an electric car. Motivated by that they have initiated the LEAF taxi pilot program to encourage use of electric vehicles technology for future applications.

The city mayor, Michael Bloomberg, expressed his take on the situation as taxi of tomorrow wouldn’t be enough for tomorrow therefore they are looking for options of day after tomorrow. Nissan performance in terms of electric vehicles will help them find answer to this question of incorporating electric taxis in city cab network. They aim to turn almost one third of their cabs into electric vehicles by 2020 he added at last.

Short Summary: Nissan celebrated earth day by introducing its LEAF electric vehicle initiative in New York City. The program will start from coming spring and would include six taxis that will be used to showcase importance of electric vehicles to the taxi industry there and common masses. The initiative has been taken as joint venture between Nissan and the New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. They also plan to turn almost one third cabs into electric cabs by year 2020. The mayor of the city likes to call this cab taxi of day after tomorrow. The previous Nissan model that is widely used in New York as cab is Nissan NV200.