Nissan Build Compact Car 2016 at Its Europe Facility

The next generation Micra compact car to be manufactured at Renault France plant.

Recently Renault announced its plans of making Nissan’s Micra Mini at its France situated plant in return of union allowances. The Renault’s Flins facility that is located near Paris will be the new address of Nissan Renault Europe plant and will be used for manufacturing of Nissan compact car. The starting date of this project has been slated as 2016. On an annual basis, the company targets to produce around 82, 000 units of vehicles.
The Renault chief Carlos Ghosn stated that this is a happening news for Flins along with all other Renault plants that are situated in France. Renault is completely desiccated to fulfill its commitments. Renault has ensured to increase its home production by one third after it gained labour concessions in form of longer working hours and limited wage payments.
GHosn had earlier warned France that he will move out his production out of France if no decision was finalized with labor unions. As was decided in the agreement, he has agreed to bring back some of its models back to the nation like its Trafic commercial van, a few versions of Renault Clio, etc.
The announcement was made by the French car maker after Nissan made the statement that it had asked Renault to make one off its compact car model at one of its European sites.
Renault won the negotiations that were held in between the company and labor unions under which Renault represented more than two-third of labor unions, apart from it the left wing CGT denied from signing the document. This deal will help Renault in saving around 500 million Euros on an annual basis.
Renault has announced that it will be manufacturing a sub-compact version of Nissan Micra at its car manufacturing facility situated in France. Renault recently won the agreement with labour unions in France under which it gained commitments of longer working hours and less wage payments from labor unions. From this agreement, Renault will gain a saving worth 500 million Euros per year. The production off the car will start from 2016 at the Flins plant of Renault located near Paris. The agreement will also help Renault in bringing up its production level by one-third. SO the total number of cars that will be manufactured at this plat from 2016 will go up by 180, 000 units of vehicles.