New MG CS Concept SUV at Shanghai motor show 2013

The MG Icon Concept mainly designed to rival the Nissan Juke. The vehicle to enter production phase soon.

The MG Icon sporting SUV car can enter the production level soon. The information was revealed by the company during the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show. The prelim of this concept was previously showcased at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. That moment MG defined this model as a design study that aimed at knowing people’s reaction to its retro themes. And now MG says that the response was so positive that now they have decided to bring this model under retail production phase.

The MG United Kingdom Sales and Marketing head, Guy Jones, said that the market definitely holds a space for such cars and the trade figures of mini SUVs are bound to rise rapidly. The only dilemma that stands in front of them is whether to build the MG Icon Concept SUV more stylish and less practical or vice versa.

The inside experts of the company favor a sporty iteration of the car as this would serve two purposes one it will help MG in building its brand image and second it would boost their sales in Europe. Although, Jones says the company is still in dilemma. He further added that if they decide to go for production version of this car it will follow the CS concept SUV that they gave cue about in the same event. But whatever they will finally decide will be decided on basis of global demand, and car that they send under production phase must be sold in every region of the world and not only Europe.

Initially in Europe, they plan to expand focusing on sales of MG3 and MG6 in markets of Ireland, Malta, and Cyprus. After that they will move on to Scandinavian and Benelux areas where the brand already holds a good reputation. At last, they will move to Eastern Europe that comprise of nations like Germany, Italy, and France.
MG, at present, is selling cars across forty countries of the world and in 2012 it managed to trade in total 80, 000 units.