New compact Ford Escort saloon concept at Shanghai motor show 2013

Another entry has been made from the renowned auto maker at Shanghai. New compact Ford saloon concept is the gold card by Ford.

Globe’s one of the renowned auto giant has presented the new compact Ford saloon concept. The car is developed whole and sole for Chinese consumers. The name Ford Escort was a renowned earlier and now it has returned to its old glory in the Shanghai motor show in China. The company has introduced 2013 Ford saloon concept model which is dashing and charismatic.

Ford motor company keeps a rigor and desire to make the Ford saloon concept model into production soon and running successfully on Chinese roads. The concept of saloon is a total hit segment in Chinese market. The saloon concept gives at around five million units of sales in China. Predictably looking at these figures might be possible Ford motor company has introduced the new compact saloon concept. This Ford saloon concept model is especially getting ready just for the local auto mart of China. The name of the car Escort has been kept because this is the brand which already has a resonance with Chinese consumers.

The Image of the Escort among Chinese consumers is well and satisfactory. We would like to interest our readers that the vintage models of Escort has been chosen by the consumers till date in auctions and local marts. Other than this the classic models of the same are getting imported to China on regular basis. This is one of the strong reasons for new compact saloon concept to do a comeback in China and United Kingdom. The style and design of the Ford saloon concept is the main attraction. The pattern of the recent broad grille makes a dashing impression of 2013 Ford saloon concept model.
Ford’s sales marketing head Mr. Jim Farley said that “This new compact saloon concept highlights the strength of our global One Ford approach to vehicle design, and represents how we can make use of our global design language to bring refined designs to attainable vehicles”.