Mahindra Reva launches all-electric car in Chandigarh

One of the leading car companies in India, Mahindra Motors launches Mahindra Reva electric car in Chandigarh. This green car runs 100 kms after one full recharge.

Mahindra Reva, India’s electric car pioneer, part of USD 15.9 billion Mahindra Group, today revealed its all-electric, zero-emission ‘Mahindra e2o’in Chandigarh which would be available at a per month cost of Rs 12,802.

Speaking on launch ceremony, Arun Malhotra, Chief Sales and Customer Care Officer, Automotive Division, Mahindra and Mahindra said “We are certain that the cutting-edge technological innovation that has gone into the Mahindra e2o will help customers remain connected in a convenient and cost-effective manner.”

“Electric cars have always had the potential to emerge as a serious alternative to fossil fuel driven vehicles. Prospective customers have a choice in their hands as they now have the opportunity of shaping the future of mobility” said R Chandramouli, Chief of Operations, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Limited.

Company has made a case to Chandigarh Administration for a subsidy of about 30% on total cost of car which otherwise comes to about Rs. 918 lakh in Chandigarh(Rs. 12,802 per month installment for 5-year plus Rs. 1.50 lakh down payment) which is in Chandigarh. Car would be available in Chandigarh at Rs. 9 lakh. He said Mahindra e2o is an Electric Vehicle (EV) designed as an urban mobility solution for a sustainable zero-emission society and achieves relevance in face of issues like environmental degradation, pollution related health concerns and climate change. Powered by li–ion batteries and three phase induction electric motor; Mahindra Reva electric car is fully automatic and designed for city driving with no changing of gears in bumper-to-bumper traffic. It can house 4-adults including driver and a driving range of 100 kms per charge. Smart phone application can help lock car by simply sending it a lock command and activate car’s air-conditioning remotely. One can plug-in to charge like cell phone, laptop or tablet. It comes with factory fitted GPS navigation system, radio, DVD, Blue tooth and ipod connectivity

He said no petrol or diesel means freedom from often increasing oil prices, Mahindra e2o requires to be serviced only once a year that too at one’s door step. It will be available in six different colours-arctic silver, coral blue, eco green, oceanic white, spanish red and sunfire yellow.