Lamborghini Veneno dubbed worlds ugliest car

According to a survey Lambhorgini Veneno car is rated as the world?s ugliest car.

As per the survey happened by an USA automotive site, it is said that Lambhorgini Veneno car is the ugliest car. This is also said that the Lambhorgini Veneno ugliest car is the worst model of the Italian auto maker since the difficulty of fascism. This is commented by one of the media mogul. The Lambhorgini Veneno car is available in the market at a price range of 4.5 million dollar.
On the contrary if we see the fans did not accept this that Lambhorgini Veneno car is the ugliest one. As per the fans of the car the word ‘ugliest’ is very big for the beautiful car. The Lambhorgini Veneno looks like a super car made for a super human or a super hero. Another auto website has given the Lambhorgini Veneno world ugliest car a new name. The website said that the car is ‘super car cliché’. The reason behind stating this website says that the Lambhorgini Veneno world ugliest car have loads of non working ides in it. They also say this that the Lambhorgini Veneno world ugliest car is just a show piece which is too highly priced.
Apart from this the Lambhorgini Veneno world ugliest car has also topped the list of world ugliest car. We are predicting that what would be the fans of the Lambhorgini Veneno were thinking after reading this. Other side of the story is that the chairman of the Lambhorgini Veneno protected the car and commented that he did not find anything faulty in the car. He also said that the company is very much open and free to design such graceful design despite of lower productions of such new cars.
The car comprises of a 6.5-liter V-12 engine linked to a 7-speed automated manual transmission and permanent all-wheel-drive. The engine produces 750 Ps of maximum power and 220 Nm of torque. All in all we can say that it just depends on the consumers that how they see the car looks like to them.