Jaguar Green Signals For SUV Production by 2016

Jaguar will be producing crossover SUV, XQ for the global market that will rival BMW X3 and Porsche Macan.

Jaguar green signals for the production of all new Sports utility vehicle in 2016. The new SUV is expected to bring a good sales numbers for Jaguar. Change in perceptions with a substantial growth for the company could be seen.

The SUV was first exposed on Autocar UK platform two years back. The two years research and development on the vehicle will be shown in the teaser leaked by the company ahead of 2013 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show starting from 10th September.

According to the sources the stunning looks of the crossover SUV are seen at the midlands. If the styling is concerned it is unlike anything Jaguar had done before. The direct rivals for the SUV are BMW X3, Porsche’s upcoming Macan SUV.

This SUV is a conventional five-door hatchback that accommodates a child seat at rear. The vehicle is possible badge as XQ and shares the same platform that Jaguar’s BMW 3-Series have. The production of this car will be more focussed towards sporting than a full on SUV.

Wide range of petrol and diesel engines are expected to be offered by Jaguar including V6 petrol engine. The vehicle is expected to fall between 4.4m to 4.9m range being slightly narrower than the PLA architecture.