Hyundai Modern Premium Display Lights Up 2013 Seoul Motor Show

Hyundai?s new luxury sports car coupe concept Modern Premium in Seoul Show mesmerizes everyone.Every eye was transfixed on the Hyundai Modern Premium at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show.

This luxury sports car coupe concept was designed and developed by Hyundai in association with the Egyptian designer Karim Rashid and the much known French premium goods manufacturer – Hermes. The HND-9 concept car ranks ninth in terms of the number of models that have been developed in the research And Development Center of Hyundai Motor Group situated in Namyang Korea.
Every minute element of this car has been designed with a refined touch and elegant finish that is normally bestowed to exclusive classic luxury cars. Beneath the hood, the car has been blessed with a 1.3 Liters GDi Turbo power mill that mates with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The maximum power that is churned by this car is 370 PS.
Hyundai has designed this car on the basis of fluidic philosophy that is the main strength of this brand. The car receives a futuristic, sleek appearance with the help of its well sculpted rear lamps, butterfly doors, and pair of tail pipes that has been placed on both sides of the car’s rear end. One of the greatest contributors to the style element of this car are 22 inch alloy wheels that have been strengthened with a mix of carbon materials. These wheels also contribute in bringing down weight of this car.

The seats of the car have been made of luxury enhancing mesh, and these seats project various colors when seen from different angles exuding a rare type of ambience and elegance. The driving of the car has been made more sporty and dynamic due to its revised aesthetics, functionality, and the hi-tech interface that has been provided in its cockpit.

Karin Rashid, the Egypt born designer of the car, has given the car an ‘i40 Art Car’ look in order to make it more appealing to the younger generation. He has carved the exteriors in such a way that the car appeals maximum to the young minds. This model joins the league along with Veloster and i30 that have been designed with the same motive to allure young motorists. The basic concept behind the designing of this car is a unique fusion between design and technology. The exterior front of the car that has been marked by rainbow and triangular shapes has been included in order to improve the aerodynamics and movements of the car. Along with this masterpiece of art, the Korean car maker also exhibited some other Karim Rashid’s creations such as watches, tumbler, carrier bags, and backpacks.

Hyundai also used the 213 Seoul Motor Show to showcase the redesigned interiors of Equus that has been designed in association with Hermes. They called this new revised concept as ‘Equus by Hermes’. Hyundai released the HDN-9 concept and its latest range of collaborations with a motive to spread brand awareness and create a brand image for Modern Premium.