Honda Award Winning Fit EV Continues to Impress Industry Experts

Experts from different nations auto industry consider Fit EV as best green car.

Industry Specialists from KBB have recently included Honda Fit EV in their annual list of ten best green cars of 2013. The features that impressed the jury members were the fuel efficacy and power quotient of this Electric Vehicle. These features made Fit EV a preferred choice in respect to 10 best green cars of the year 2013. This award certifies Honda EV as one of the most efficient electric vehicles present in market today.

The VP of Product planning and logistics at Art St. Cyr. Likes to tell about Honda Fit EV that the power and driving efficiency of Honda Fit EV has made it people’s preferred choice. The fun-to-drive experience offered by this car has actually turned it into the only choice in terms of electric vehicles. The new recognition that has given to this car has further glorified Fit’s name in respect to a vehicle that has incredible ecological and consumer value. He add.

The car apart from all these awards adorns number of o other verifications like an Environmental Protection Agency rating in respect to gallon equivalency of 118 MPGe(1), the driving rate of this vehicle has been rated by EPA as 82 miles, and the power consumption of this car per 100 miles is limited to just 29 kilo watt hours.

This car sports a 20kilowatt hour (kWh) Lithium Ion battery and a compact 126 PS AC synchronous electric motor that works against a torque worth 256 Nm. The car is 100 percent electric and can easily accommodate five adults in one go. The very efficient power system of the car has been teamed with a chassis along with a completely independent suspension system. The Japanese car maker has also offered 3 different driving modes that can be switched on driver’s choice. The coverage range of the vehicle is 82 miles in one go.

There is no information as when the car will be released in India but whenever it comes it will definitely become the best car in India on the basis of its performance and eco-friendliness. Price is one factor where Honda will have to work further if it plans to bring it in India.