Cars powered by our brains

Brain powered car technology finally can be a reality if so read out to know more Our mind does certainly controls our body and its actions but using the power of our brains to control other things sounds like way too much well not anymore now

Brain powered car, technology finally can be a reality, if so, read out to know more! Our mind does certainly controls our body and its actions, but using the power of our brains to control other things, sounds like way too much, well not anymore now! Well we there are millions who could just go awe by the thought of it, researchers in China is ready with the path to create a one of its kind, first ever real car that would be controlled by the mind. Established by researchers belonging to the north-east port city of Tianjin, this would be the country's leading car that customsthe power of the brain that would power the drive. The research team that belongs to the Nankai University, in the north-eastern Chinese port city of Tianjin, who has been working on this project since the last two years before they floated out the news to bring out a mind-controlled car to get a shape of reality.

Brain powered car

By using the brain signal-reading tools a driver would be able to control the car to move ahead, reverse itself, come to a halt, lock and unlock itself, all this and much more without the movement of the hands or feet of the driver. The equipment includes16 sensors that detain EEG (electroencephalogram) signals derived from the brain of the driver. There is a computer program that picks the related signals and interprets them, allowing control of the car. Nevertheless, there is a probability of road accidents if the driver distracts his brand even for a second, as his concentration would be actually running the car and the car would actually move and turn as per the mind’s focus. Don’t really know if this technology would ever shape into reality, however the thought behind is wonderful and really great, so what do you guys think, because I have hundreds of thoughts running in my mind, each minute, so I can be a totally out of the question driver for this car, what do you say