BYD S7 SUV Offers Substantial Upgrades Over S6

BYD SUV S7 debut at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show

Here is a piece of good news for the automobile lovers of India. The automaker Whilst BYD has introduced an SUV which boasts dynamic and powerful features. As per the updates BYD S7 SUV has hit the shores of india to play the role of big brother to the S6.

Although the car carries a lot of similarities with the S6 but the exclusive feature is that BYD S7 SUV offers turbo power by incorporating BYD’s new 2.0T engine. Moreover the big brother of S6, BYD S7 SUV upgrade has a dual clutch gearbox along with an All Wheel Drive system.

There is no doubt in saying that auto maker Whilst BYD has achieved new heights in making high volume cars but unfortunately it failed in creating high volume high priced cars.
As a result of it the company had to face some financial crises because low prices cars sell well but they bring in very little profit to company’s accounts. Now the company is looking forward to change the scenario.

BYD S7 SUV price- As per the reports, the powerful SUV is going to be launched in May this year and is expected to come in the price range of 170,000RMB to 200,000RMB. The dynamic SUV is entirely power packed with technology, for your safety on roads it has a 360 degree camera along with a 500gb hard drive. The best feature of the SUV is that it boasts PM2.5 Pollution reduction system which will play a crucial role in reduction pollution to just 12 part per million. So car lovers, keep your fingers crossed.