BMW Launches Electronaut Effect for ActiveE Electric Car Drivers

BMW electric vehicle comes with a new technology. Apart from this BMW i3 electric city car will be going to hit the market in the coming years.

BMW has introduced an unfamiliar digital tool in the recent weeks. This digital tool provides consumers a reach to the data about the range, savings and environmental effect that BMW ActiveE Drivers will be going to observe across the country. The new technology namely known as Electronaut Effect provides an unmodified information. This information which is comes unmodified by the system gets updated on weekly basis. This information can help the consumers to take a wise decision of either buying or leasing the BMW electric vehicle.
This unique and unfamiliar technology takes data from the 700 BMW ActiveEs. The 700 BMW ActiveEs is company’s foremost and full electric vehicle. It is also known as BMW electric vehicle. The 700 BMW ActiveEs is such an electric vehicle which takes part in the hit and trial process during a field test. This field test started in the January 2012. Currently there are nonusers of the BMW ActiveE 1 Series
As per aired news it is said that the figures would be collected in three sections. The three sections are a range or scope section, a saving or preservance section and the last one is the environmental section. By this unique system consumers can get awareness about as how many miles have been eaten by the vehicle per day. This will comes in a range section. Then how much money saved, this will b going to fall in the saving section. The last one is how much gallons of unused gas left in traveling; this will fall under the environmental section.
Jacob Harb, head of BMW Electric Vehicle Operations and Strategy BMW of North America said that “The Electronaut Effect is an exciting tool because it offers consumers unvarnished, hard data on the driving performance of our fleet of ActiveE vehicles, providing a very accurate picture of the BMW electric vehicle experience and the benefits of all-electric driving”.