BMW i3 Electric Car

BMW will unveil their new 2014 i3 electric car on 29th July. Based on lithium-ion-battery, the car has already seen very good response in Europe.

BMW, the Bavarian automaker, has announced the official date for unveiling their new ‘i3’ electric car. The concept was displayed two years back at Frankfort Motor Sport. BMW i3 will come in front of the world on 29th of July. It will be a first mass production electric car for the company.

The car seems to be of next era with revised bumpers, squatter rear doors and new light clusters on front and rear. Having sub-compact size, it is powered at the rear end and is a rear wheel drive, which is somewhat similar to Tata Nano. Except that, the i3 stand ideal with its features in the cars queue.

Being an electric car, it is powered by an energetic electric motor and a petrol burner developing 172Ps power and 249Nm torque. Its lithium-ion battery can give mileage from 128 to 160 km, once being charged. BMW i3 comes with optional range extending twin-cylinder gasoline engine which can give mileage up to 300km.

Though not revealed by the company, the expected price of BMW i3 is around Rs20lakhs. The i3 is having very high demands in Europe with already having 100,000 pending requests. BMW is expected to price car 29,000 euros (Rs22.65 lakhs) in Germany. Being a car from luxurious family, the launch of i3 in India will definitely be interesting. But still, the response of Indian market to electric car is a mystery.