BMW Gives Gasoline Loaners for Electric Vehicle Service Plan

BMW i8 Hybrid Sports car price being estimated around $130, 630.

The German car maker is offering extra services along with use of gas powered models to lure in more and more buyers for the latest BMW Electric vehicle. The car will be available for sales from the beginning of next year. BMW is also installing optional at-home charging stations for these electric vehicles. Also, Navigation systems are being incorporated in these cars that will help the driver find closest charging station. Those who need to travel in long range with their vehicles can always opt for gas models.

The brand is pretty confident that it will meet everybody’s expectation through BMW i3 Hybrid Sports Car 2014. In order to bring its costs down, BMW has been making efforts to limit is distribution costs. The head of their production team, Harald Krueger, recently said during a presentation of the car that they are stepping into new territories and they believe that they will earn enough revenues from this car once it is launched in market.

Along with i3 they are also planning to launch the advanced BMW i8 hybrid sports car 2014. Prices of both the cars have not been revealed yet  but Stefan Bratzel, the director – Center of Automotive Management, believes that the price for i3 will be somewhat around $52, 200 while that for i8 will be around $130, 630.

To offset the heavy weight of the car, the basic design of i3 was given an all- electric power system along with an aluminum chassis and a cabin made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The use of such high range building materials brings the price of i3 in high range therefore to bring down costs the maker is limiting its production process and has brought down the number of body parts to 2/3. BMW has also used thermoplastics instead of steel on body panel to eliminate the requirement of paint shop for the car.